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Finishing Well: Part 3 of 3

Leave the Gun, Take the
Congratulations: What to Do
When It’s Time to Go

Guest Post

by Dr. Steve Sanchez

When I talk with leaders about their transition, I always ask, do you prefer the celebration to happen with you, on your last day, or without you, on the first day after you’ve left? Finishing well is every leader’s goal. My good friend and collaborator Steve Sanchez captures essential insights into what makes for a smooth leadership transition. In this three part series, he explores the roles, attitude and process of leaving your post better than you found it!


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Unchecked Preferences

Unchecked Preferences

This month’s Thoughts from the Field (September 2022) is written by Rick Packer, my colleague in Atlanta, GA.

Finishing Well: Part 1 of 3

Finishing Well: Part 1 of 3

Transitioning Leaders Find Purpose As Coaches, Cheering Fans, or Cutmen

Guest Article by Dr. Steve Sanchez