How to Maximize Agility By Cascading Expectations

 All organizations are having their agility put to the test.  Let’s agree that Agility is measured by the time it takes to pivot – to absorb new information, decide, and see the impact on the front lines with employees and customers.   The key to agility is a simple, overlooked leadership behavior – the simple actContinue reading “How to Maximize Agility By Cascading Expectations”

The Seven C’s | A Checklist for Leaders

My favorite author, Patrick O’Brian, of Master & Commander fame (Lippincott, 1969), writes about a perfect storm of uncontrollable misfortunes that befall Captain Jack Aubrey and his brave crew in his fifth novel, Desolation Island (Collins, 1978). A powerful enemy, an even more powerful storm, freezing temperatures, fog, iceberg, massive leak, no rudder, scurvy, short-rationsContinue reading “The Seven C’s | A Checklist for Leaders”

At Our Best – Leading in Crisis

At Our Best in Crisis | The next few months promise to be trying times for most executive teams.  Restricted travel, cancelled meetings, disrupted supply chains and uncertain revenue.  This will generate much fear, uncertainty and doubt for employees, vendors and customers. This situation will test your cohesion, creativity and resilience as a team.  GatherContinue reading “At Our Best – Leading in Crisis”

Dreading That Hard Conversation? Take These Seven Simple Steps

Someone on your team is struggling and you’re dreading the necessary, but hard conversation. You care about them and want to handle this with dignity and respect. Here’s what to do.  Assume the best, but prepare for the worst. Put yourself in the best position to both “enter the danger” and “speak the kind truth.” Continue reading “Dreading That Hard Conversation? Take These Seven Simple Steps”