Podcast Guest: Building Effective Teams and Healthy Organizations

What a thrill to be interviewed on ParkerGale’s amazing Private Equity Funcast. I was interviewed fellow organizational health nerd, Paul Stancik. What I appreciate about Paul is his intellect, often displayed in unique turns of phrase (‘Paulisms’), and his open-mind. He’s genuinely excited to learn something new. Enjoy this conversation all about the competitive advantages of healthy organizations.

Listen Now: Private Equity Funcast

Published by Keith Hadley

I am a Principal Consultant with Table Group... a leadership, team and strategy nerd and I sincerely believe that Organizational Health is the most powerful, enduring and ignored source of competitive advantage. My goal is to change the world of work. I do this by helping CEOs eliminate confusion and politics and maximize productivity and morale. The impact... accelerated performance and joy at work. Simply put, it's restoring work to the way we know it is supposed to be.

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