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Guest Post

by Waldemar Kohl

My good friend and Table Group colleague Waldemar Kohl just posted this excellent Thoughts from the Field (August, 2022) on CEO Courage. It’s excellent.

Unfortunately, the dynamic of a toxic leader is not uncommon on executive teams – especially as the team focuses on getting more cohesive, trusting and aligned.  Having the courage to directly address such an issue is one of the responsibilities of the CEO.  One CEO I worked with recently made this statement, “As I reflected on this leader, I become more afraid of the bad things that would result if he stayed than the things that would happen if he left.”


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Mindset Shift on Accountability

Mindset Shift on Accountability

Leaders of truly healthy organizations learn to simply think differently — and it impacts every aspect of their decision-making and actions. Therefore, the journey of Organizational Health involves a number of significant mindset shifts.

When Team Members Don’t Get Along

When Team Members Don’t Get Along

In his book The Motive, Pat Lencioni suggests that one role of a responsibility-centered leader is to personally develop the leadership team, which includes managing the interpersonal dynamics between team members, especially ones caught in a destructive conflict impacting the team.